About Dave


Image courtesy of Rolf Steinmann. Copyright Rolf Steinmann/Dave Mothershaw

Dave Mothershaw is a British camera assistant/second camera operator working primarily on high-end natural history documentaries. He has spent most of the past twelve months underwater shooting stills and 4K motion for a range of productions.  He has a Masters degree in Aerospace Engineering but decided to leave that path in favour of working outdoors in the wild places, although he still spends a lot of time tinkering in the workshop. He is a passionate conservationist, underwater explorer and photographer: some of his most recent photographic work can be seen in the Stills section on this website. When he’s not working, Dave relaxes by exploring sunken shipwrecks and underwater caves.

To download Dave’s most recent CV please click on the link below:

David Mothershaw August 2014 Camera Assistant CV